Jan 11, 2010

Freezing in Florida

I moved down to Florida, from upstate NY, to get away from the cold weather. We've been experiencing a bit of cold weather down here for the past week. Temperatures in the low 20's through 30's making all the farmer's a bit nervous. Nice change from typical heat/hummidity, but too cold to want to go for a bike ride or run. Should be warming up to high 60's, low 70's in another day or too - YEAH!!!!

I'd like to welcome my very first guest blogger to my Bike Diva site: Kenneth Elliott. Kenneth maintains the Balance Bike Trainer website. Welcome to Bike Diva Kenneth!

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Take care,
Lynn Smythe


Anonymous said...

人逢順境不逞強,身處逆境不示弱。 ....................................................

Makenzie said...
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Makenzie said...

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