Oct 8, 2009

Elite Sport Seat Cover for Vehicles

Elite Seat Shield, photo by Lynn Smythe


Update on my husband:

I posted this up to my Facebook page yesterday.

Ok, just got back from the urologist. The nurse we talked to this morning, who is very nice, was apparently smoking crack. Dr. did have biopsy results when we went back at 3.

Stage 1 cancer, high grade, more aggresive form, but still only Stage 1. Doctor thinks he cut it all out, stent remains in place from one kidney into bladder.

Once Rob heals from surgery, he will go in for immunatherapy once a week for 6 weeks starting on my birthday November 19. 2 weeks after last treatment, they go back in with a camera to look at inside of bladder, and hopefully remove stent.

No running or mountain biking or cyclocrossing until after stent is removed. That means Rob won't be able to go to Alafia fat tire festival, or be on the relay team for Marathon of the Palm Beaches. And he definitely won't be racing in the Tradewinds duathlon on October 18.

Then he goes for follow up visits every 3 months for a year or two. Then 6 months for another year or two. Then yearly for the rest of his life.

Uh yeah, no criterium bike riding either. He's gonna try and sneak out of the house and ride around the neighborhood on the beach cruiser. I guess the nurses/doctor thought he was an inactive old fart (he'll be 53 on the 21st). When I asked about light bike riding doc said okay. But when we were talking about duathlons and marathons and mtn biking - the nurses were all NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

I think he is rather happy about the no running part, but the no biking is gonna kill him.

So, despite the biopsy confirming it is bladder cancer, still pretty good news.

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